Our exquisite range of consultancy services can help you understand and meet market demands anywhere in the world, whatever your industry. Compete and thrive successfully by taking advantage of these services.

Human Capital Consulting

Today’s business challenges present a new wave of talent and organization priorities. Budding Heights’ Human capital services leverage research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute critical programs from business driven courses to innovative talent, leadership, and change programs. Our human capital consultants provide expert driven advice to your organization.

No longer is it sufficient to simply identify and retain qualified talent. To exceed expectations, organizations need to formulate effective strategies for attracting, developing and retaining their key talent. Our solutions provide our clients with a cost-effective means to build high performing teams and attract and retain the best talent available.

Market & Product Research

In today’s challenging business environment, it takes more than a few guesses to understand and target your market niche. Businesses now have to become thorough, versatile and aggressive in order to sustain their market share and also compete successfully with other businesses. The dynamics are ever changing and product research has become a vital force in gaining the upper hand.

Market analysis, public opinion polls, employee satisfaction research, consumer behavior and product testing are some of the areas where our team of research experts can assist with.

Sales & Digital Marketing

For companies looking to strengthen their digital marketing capabilities, we help our clients adjust to and master the disruptive force that is currently transforming businesses around the world. Whether your organization is a start-up or a multinational, we are here to take your business on a journey of digital transformation with services such as: social media marketing, content marketing, website visibility, online sales promotion etc.

Accounting & Book Keeping

Among other things finance is the life blood of a business and accounting helps to ensure accurate book keeping in line with approved global standards so you can measure your financial success over time and with players in the market. Is your organisation struggling with keeping accurate and IFRS compliant financial statements?

Our team are skilled, qualified and certified accounting and finance professionals who will give you all the support you require.

Business Plan & Strategy

We help you refine your ideas and strategies as we collaborate with you to develop comprehensive business plans critical to the success of your business. Formulating business plans may not be tough but implementing them is another groundwork you must get right. We have our team of strategic business planning advisers who will ensure that you meet your business goals efficiently and move your organisation from one coast to another without stress.

Tech & Cyber Advisory

Cyber-Security is now a vital hashtag for every business. In the past, a lot of start-ups believed they were immune to cyber threats and hacks but it has now become evident that every business needs to take keen measures in protecting its information.  We aim to first understand your business ecosystem to ensure our cyber advisory professionals provide the best value. Three key areas we can provide support:

  • Knowledge transfer about how, where and why cyber initiatives should be positioned within the business.
  • Enhanced knowledge about various strategies with frameworks and their value to your business.
  • Access to information, data, and cyber risk expertise