Operational Risk Management for Financial Institutions

Chauk Course Overview
In the context of today’s business world and volatile markets, be it the efficient management of money , managing the financial risks for the firm, or raising and running capital and the balance sheet, the treasurer’s function has become a critical cog in the wheel of an enterprise’ smooth functioning.
As companies re-evaluate how they manage their internal resources and external business relationships around the world for maximum efficiency, excellence within their Treasury department is critical for success. Treasury evaluates when and how a company invests its assets. Treasury is the department responsible for ensuring that a company has enough cash on hand t o fund its very operations. From liquidity management to risk management, Treasury now sits at the intersection of many critical decisions. Successful companies are the ones with the most knowledgeable and well-trained Treasury departments. Ongoing education and training in the evolving discipline of global Treasury management can help corporate Treasury practitioners lead their companies to better business decisions.
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