Course Listing

Course Name Instructor Overview
Effective Business to Business and Business to Consumer Sales BHDC more info
Fundamentals of Marketing: Your Action Plan for Success BHDC more info
Professional Selling – The Foundation Skills BHDC more info
Effective Persuasion and Influencing Skills BHDC more info
Managing the Sales Team for Result BHDC more info
Marketing Skills for Non-Profit Organisations BHDC more info
Advanced Selling Skills BHDC more info
Managing Marketing Communications BHDC more info
Effective Marketing through Events BHDC more info
Developing and Implementing a Marketing Plan BHDC more info
Consultative Objection Handling BHDC more info
Corporate Brand Interpretation for Marketers BHDC more info
Digital Marketing and Social Media: The pathway for 21st Century Marketing BHDC more info
Brand Innovation and Product Management BHDC more info
Tele-Sales Skills and Tele-Marketing Skills BHDC more info
Complete Salesperson BHDC enquire more info
Marketing that Creates Results BHDC enquire more info
Mastering the Digital and Social Media Marketing BHDC enquire more info
Aggressive Market Penetration BHDC enquire more info
Selling in a Difficult Places BHDC enquire more info
Activation Marketing Master Class BHDC enquire more info
Essentials of Sales Administration BHDC enquire more info
Relationship Management and Marketing Skills BHDC enquire more info
Techniques of Consultative Selling BHDC enquire more info
Value Added Marketing – Advanced Marketing Strategies BHDC enquire more info
Mastering Negotiations – The Principles and Practice BHDC enquire more info
Strengthening Your Business Model and Competitive Advantage BHDC enquire more info